We are not able to respond to phone calls during sessions and private parties, please contact us via our contact to get the quickest response. Please inquire via email if your question has not been answered in the FAQ.

Please read the F.A.Q carefully before inquiring. The answers will appear by clicking on the question.
If you're question has not been answered, please proceed to the contact form.


お問い合わせの前に、よくある質問をよくお読みください。 質問をクリックすると回答が表示されます。

The next month's schedule will be published from the middle to the end of the month prior. Please check the website regularly and we recommend you check in advance to book your desired sessions.

Artbar does not have a waiting list system. If a session that was once sold out no longer has the “Sold Out” alert on the event, a cancellation has occurred and the session has availability. Please check the number of tickets left near event details booking button.

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we do not allow more than the maximum limit under any circumstances. If you want to attend together, please cancel and book a different session.

We do not allow children to attend the adult sessions as there is free-flow alcohol being served and it is a social setting for adults.

Kids can join our weekend art sessions or arrange a private art party with us.

Please check our new ageless studio designed for kids and families called Artbar Lab, located in Ueno's Marui Bld. !

It's no problem for children who are most turning 5 to join the kids session. Children 4 years old and younger will not be able to join the kids sessions.

Please check our new ageless studio designed for kids and families called Artbar Lab, located in Ueno's Marui Bld. !

Congratulations! Please take a screenshot of the coupon eligibility notification you received on your smart phone and send it to our email [email protected]. We will confirm your attendance and send you a coupon code which you can use during checkout when you book your next session.
Please note the coupon code can only be used towards our standard painting sessions (5,000 yen for adult sessions, 3,500 yen for kids session) and not towards craft sessions, special collaboration events, paint pour sessions, large canvas sessions or any other sessions that have a price other than our standard session.

Unfortunately we are not responsible for when the QR code is not scanned during your time at the studio. We are not able to track each person’s record and do not have the ability to reset / subtract / add points on your phone for when you scan the next time. Thank you for your understanding and please don’t forget to scan next time!

For adult sessions, only participants with purchased tickets can attend the session. For kids sessions, the sessions are for kids only, there are many nearby cafes and restaurants near our where studio you can relax!


Artbarにはキャンセル待ちのシステムはございません。満席のセッションに関しましては「SOLD OUT」の表示が消えましたらキャンセルが発生した合図となります。残席を確認してご予約下さい。






ペイントポイントのご利用誠にありがとうございます。貯まったポイント画面をスクリーンショットに撮り、[email protected] へお送り下さい。半額クーポンをメールでお送りいたします。ペイントポイントの半額クーポンはArtbarのスタンダードセッションの価格(大人5,500円、キッズ3,500円)を基準とした半額価格となります。







    貸切パーティーには5500円 (税込)がかかります。セッションには講師、絵画制作に必要なもの、お飲み物とライトスナックが含まれます(オンラインの場合にはお飲み物とスナックは含まれません)その他の食べ物・お飲み物の持ち込みも可能です。









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