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東京からアムステルダムのヴァン・ゴッホ美術館へ From Tokyo to Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum



At Artbar, we love celebrating the creative journeys of our guests. We want to share a story about our cherished regular visitors – a gymnastics performance team from Surugadai University.

This summer, this spirited team had an exciting plan to head to Amsterdam to perform at a global gymnastics summit. Amsterdam, a city steeped in culture and art, offered them a unique opportunity to not only showcase their gymnastic prowess but also immerse themselves in the local culture. One of their cultural highlights was a visit to the renowned Van Gogh Museum.


Before they embarked on their journey to the Netherlands, the gymnastics team decided to visit to our studio to experience painting various flowers of Van Gogh. It was a chance to experience the vibrant colors and expressive brushwork that characterized the iconic artist’s work before seeing the master artist’s works up close at the official Van Gogh Museum.


As enthusiasts of Van Gogh’s art and having taught many Van Gogh-inspired paintings at Artbar, we were thrilled when the Surugadai University team returned from their Amsterdam trip with a heartwarming surprise – Van Gogh souvenirs from the Van Gogh Museum!


Coincidentally, the famous “Vase with Irises Against a Yellow Background” painting by Van Gogh, usually on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, will make a special appearance in Tokyo for the “Van Gogh and Still Life: From Tradition to Innovation” exhibition. It will be showcased for a limited time at the Sompo Museum of Art, starting from October 17th, 2023.

期間:2023年10月17日 – 2024年1月21日


Here are the details for the upcoming exhibition:

Van Gogh and Still Life: From Tradition to Innovation

Duration: October 17th, 2023 – January 21st, 2024
Location: Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo
Description: This special exhibition will feature not only Van Gogh’s iconic “Vase with Irises Against a Yellow Background” but also an array of still life masterpieces such as Sunflowers and more that provide insight into the genre’s evolution throughout art history. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to appreciate these artworks up close and gain a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s artistic genius.

We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of the Surugadai University Gymnastics Team’s artistic journey and delighted to share their story. It’s a testament to the power of art to inspire, connect, and create lasting memories across borders and cultures. We wish the team continued success in their gymnastics endeavors and look forward to hearing about their future artistic and athletic adventures.