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アートバー東京:日本におけるポーリングアート 、たらし込みアートの先駆者 Pouring Art / Fluid Art in Tokyo


The paint pouring phenomenon, also known as acrylic pouring art or fluid art, gained popularity in the contemporary art world in the early 2010s.

特にアートスタジオであるArtbar Tokyoはこの魅力的なテクニックを広め、日本のアート界隈賑わせる重要な役割を果たしました。


It is difficult to pinpoint a single place of origin as it emerged as a result of artists around the world experimenting with different techniques, sharing their fluid art creations and processes on social media which eventually became more widely recognized.

One studio in particular played a pivotal role in bringing this mesmerizing technique to Japanese art enthusiasts – Artbar Tokyo.

Artbar Tokyo, originally opened in 2016 in Daikanyama and became the first studio in Japan to offer paint and wine sessions, acrylic paint pouring classes, etc. It is considered the very first Paint & Sip studio in Japan! Check out this throwback pic from 2016.


The great thing about paint pouring is that even if you are a beginner or do not have any art experience, the process of making the artwork is so much fun and does not require technical skills. The final result is completely unique, no one artwork is the same! It is so much messy fun that you feel like a kid again.


How to make a paint pour artwork:

Step 1: Mix paint colors

Step 2: Mix with a pouring medium and create a smooth consistency

Step 3: Pour the colors on the canvas and enjoy creating your own original pattern and artwork!


The final results of the artwork look amazing and just by simply decorating a room with your new art, the atmosphere of the space quickly changes into a more colorful, stylish, and artful room.


It is so interesting to see the unique ways some people transform their art to multimedia works  and even functional objects. Check out this wall clock, Beatles paint pour, and paint pour used as a centerpiece of a wedding reception.


5年前、日本で初めて「たらし込みアート」 セッションを開催し始めた私たちArtbar Tokyo…




自分だけのオリジナルたらし込みアートを制作したい方は是非、www.artbar.co.jp をご覧ください。

Paint Pour Fun Fact:

When we first tried our paint pouring session, we brainstormed what to title the session in Japanese so it would be easy to understand and created the name, Tarashikomi Art, which means “To dribble or spill” in Japanese.

The name made some people laugh because of it’s uniqueness but we went with it and it’s very well known now!

As acrylic paint pouring continues to evolve and inspire creativity, it’s exciting to imagine where this pouring art movement will take us next. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner looking to explore the world of acrylic paint pouring, one thing is certain – the process is just as captivating as the final result of the art itself.

For reservations on how to make your own original paint pouring art, check the www.artbar.co.jp